Principles of Testability Engineering

I had an absolute blast at RTC2019 last week. Thanks to my friends at Romania Testing Conference I got to talk about my favourite topics, testability and operability. They have huge implications for testing, your team and how your whole organisation performs. Read on for more. 

My improving testing through operability tutorial is based around the brilliant run book collaboration exercise by Matthew Skelton et al. Grab your team, some coffee and cake, this template and collaborate. It will make your testing life better! 

Next, if you want your team to talk about testability without actually using the word, check out these questions. They concern how easy or hard to test your system is, phrased to avoid preconceptions. Conflux have many questions on other ilities too. 

If you want another angle on improving testability within your team, try the 10 P’s of testability by Rob Meaney. This model asks searching, holistic questions of teams and how they build products, give it try in your next retrospective. 

In your guilds or community of practice, take the 30 Days Of Testability challenge in collaboration with Ministry of Testing. Pairing, information from production, communicating with ops and many more to improve your testing and testability. 

Of course, no testability article from me would be complete without plugging the Team Guide to Testability, which will help your team diagnose their testability challenges and deal with them together. Teams build testable systems, it’s not for testers alone to contend with. 

Finally, I introduced the principles of testability engineering. I hope they guide your systems and teams to make testing more humane and valuable by enabling whole team testing cultures. Feedback welcome.